Welcome to kennel Nikink-Var-Hard!

Let's get acquainted:

Nikitenko Yuliya Valeryevna- cynologist, the judge of the open category.

Nikitenko Sergey Borisovich – cynologist-instructor trainer, the judge on working qualities.

Sergey — winner of the Championship of Russia on IPO, a participant of World Championship FCI and WUSV IPO in the Russian national team in 2013 and 2014

We are the founders and owners of the kennel Nikink-Var-Hard. Our kennel was registered in RKF – FCI, the Federation RFLS, in the Kennel Club SPb and national club «German boxer».

The name of the kennel is not chosen by chance. Nikink is an abbreviation from our surname Nikitenko, and Var and Hard are part of the nicknames of dogs that lived in our family at the time of the creation of the kennel. Var — Boxer Variation, Hard — Rottweiler Harold Life.

We started breeding German boxers in the 90s. Realizing that in the city conditions all our dreams and plans are almost impossible to realize, we changed the city apartment to a house with a plot in a small cozy village of Levashovo in the city of St. Petersburg. Here the main work on the creation and construction of our nursery began.

We organized a grandiose re-planning of the house taking into account the specifics of working with dogs — made a specially equipped room for dogs, premises for giving birth female dog and small puppies, built comfortable street aviaries with individual walks and, of course, a separate large and convenient range for adult boxers who like to play, to frolic in the fresh air.

In 1999 we officially registered our kennel.

The first basic female dog and ancestor of the kennel became a dog with Polish and English blood, Benvenju Variacia Valerie. Puppies received from her then were already of a desirable, modern type.

In the 1990s, the blood of the dogs of the leading European kennels was actively used in Russia to obtain the progeny of boxers. Especially were demand dogs from Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland and France. Our personal breeding in those years we focused on the best producers and descendants of Italian kennels «Del Colle Dell'Infinito» and «Della Cadormare», as well as the Spanish kennel «Di Soragna».

Currently, we are working on several breeding lines at once, using pedigree animals obtained from different basic female dogs acquired at the moment of becoming the kennel.

The aim of our work is to obtain pedigree, preferably one-type progeny from their dogs, superior in quality to at least one of the parents. If the parent himself is of the highest class- the consolidation of his qualities in children. But, of course, aside from working out a stable number of dogs in the kennel, we want to receive bright representatives of the breed that can adequately represent the kennel. The result of this work can be evaluated at exhibitions of various levels both in Russia and abroad. Our dogs participate in such exhibitions, become prizewinners and winners.

Over the years of work in our kennel, more than 100 offspring of boxers, more than 600 puppies with the prefix Nikink-Var-Hard have been registered.

The collective of our kennel is our greatest pride, and support, people who have forever given their hearts and souls to boxers. Their contribution to the development of the nursery is priceless!

We have one very pleasant tradition — this is an annual tribal review of our dogs, which we called «KENNEL DAY». The first such review took place in 2006, and since then every year in the middle of September we have been collecting the owners of our boxers for this, it is possible to say, a family holiday.

The program of the holiday is always very rich, includes a parade of participants and a solemn line, summing up the results of the kennel and rewarding, handing out memorable gifts to each participant of the show, including numerous guests who also come to congratulate us and rejoice with us.

Then begins an exciting series of competitions, the main participants are our boxers. Dynamic cheerful team relay races — one for children, small, but already boxers, another for adults, where the teams already consist of pairs — a man and a dog. And the culmination of the holiday is a tea party, traditional barbecue, pies and other treats. On the site there are a lot of photos and video clips about this holiday.

We are happy to do what we love! In our house there is almost no lull from the merry barking and the hubbub of small puppies, which, growing up, diverge to their new families to give joyfulness to their new owners.